HRC for Universal Robots


Human-robot collaboration opens up new possibilities for efficient, flexible and optimized production. Conflicting market requirements have to be taken into account such as increased depth of customization amid shortening product lifecycles. Cooperation and collaboration between humans and robots can create far-reaching potential under these circumstances. Both resources are making optimal use of their unique possibilities, creating new jobs for the future as a result. Zimmer Group grippers form the link between the workpiece and the robot here.


Not only is one of the world’s best HRC grippers available for your Universal Robots, but also a modular construction system specially matched to your model. This provides a broad selection of grippers and handling components with corresponding accessories, so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility and integration. Of course, in this robot tool building kit are the HRC and Industrie 4.0 components included.This will open up numerous advantages: Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to operate, advanced diagnostics and preventive maintenance as well as the ability to make replacements while operation is in progress.


The operation of our Industrie 4.0 components has now been integrated into the control system of the robots from YASKAWA and Universal Robots. The integration of additional manufacturers is in progress and can be requested as needed. The components can be set up manually using the robot control panel and integrated into the program sequence. The intuitive operating interface allows the user to activate the entire IO-Link gripper portfolio from Zimmer Group and uses all pneumatic, electrical, hybrid, servoelectric and digital components on the robots.


Different forms of interaction

Automation cell




Seperated working areas Robot recognizes worker

Interference zones

Same working areas
Work piece reception in the secured area recording in the secured area
All gripping systems usable All gripping systems usable

Grippers with special HRC geometry

> Safe holding of the workpiece also at power failure

Grippers with special HRC geometry + safe capacity

> Safe holding of the workpiece also at power failure

> Control limited to max. 140 N according to ISO/TS 15066,
redundant protection via patented safety jaws



  • Engineered according to BG/DGUV recommendation
  • 360° LED status indicator
  • Gripper jaws can be programmed completely flexible from minimal to maximal stroke
  • Brushless drive technology with self-locking mechanism
  • Different drive modes like, force mode, position mode, pre-positioned force mode etc.
  • Bidirectional communication for process-data and service-data
  • Handling of a wide range of different workpieces with the same gripper due to servo technology
  • Fully UR-integrated control software


Order no. HRC-01-072819 HRC-01-072802 HRC-01-072830 HRC-01-072824
Suitable for robot type UR5 UR5 UR10 UR10
HRC characteristic collaborative cooperative collaborative cooperative
Integrated safety jaws Yes No Yes No
Drive BLDC motor BLDC motor BLDC motor BLDC motor
Stroke per jaw, adjustable [mm] 60 60 60 60
Nominal gripping force [N]* 120 750 120 750
Gripping force min. [N] 80 80 80 80
Gripping force max. [N] <120 950 <120 950
Self locking mechanism mechanical mechanical mechanical mechanical
Permissible weight per jaw max [kg] 0,3 0,25 0,3 0,25
Length of the gripper fingers max. [mm] 55 80 55 80
Max. movement speed per gripper finger [mm/s] 60 60 60 60
Repetition accuracy +/- [mm] 0,05 0,05 0,05 0,05
Operating temperature [°C] +5 ... +50 +5 ... +50 +5 ... +50 +5 ... +50
Protection to IEC 60529 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40
Weight [kg] 2,0 1,8 2,0 1,8

* Depending on the selected motion profile, gripping position and rigidity of the gripping jaws respectively gripping goods
** Safety jaws for mechanical gripping force limitation


Zimmer Easy-To-Use-Package for UR1

Part No. Article Description
ZUB068713 IO-Link Master IO-Link Master
Connection cable M8 4pol 5m Cable for power supply of the IO-Link-Master
Connection cablel Modbus to Master Communication cable robot to IO-Link Master RJ 45
Software HMI for UR-Robots

Needes Accessory

Part No. Article Description HRC-01³
KAG500 Connection cable M8 3pol 5m STO-cable (Safe Torque Off)
KAG500IL Connection cable M12 5pol 5m Connection IO-Link-Master to gripper
B12-Y-5IL Y-Adapter Splitter for power & information
KAG500-02 Cable (Y to Power) Connection cable for power supply unit
CELE00611 Power supply unit ² Power supply unit (24V/10A)

Optional Accessory

Part No. Article Description HRC-01
ZUB000009 Energy chain UR3 Energy chain for robot type UR3
ZUB000010 Energy chain UR5 Energy chain for robot type UR5
ZUB000011 Energy chain UR10 Energy chain for robot type UR10

¹ The Easy-To-Use-Package is needed one time per robot and offers the possibility to operate up to 4 different IO-Link grippers.
² The power supply unit supports 10A (15A peak). Please kindly note the power consumption for each gripper series.
³ Those accesories are needed one time per gripper. The energy chains are an option.