Zimmer Group – the story

Beginnings: Garage. Objective: Global player.

"Back then, we started like many dedicated founders before us started: as a 'Garage company'. Albeit with the small difference that our garage was a converted cowshed," says Günther Zimmer. "That was where we figured out and produced our first products in 1980."

Günther and Martin Zimmer, owners of the Zimmer Group, continue to figure things out themselves.However, they no longer do this alone as they are supported by a large development team in ultramodern offices and factory workshops for business markets around the globe. Their south German natural aptitude for technology, insatiable curiosity, and pioneering spirit have brought the brothers a long way. Today, they lead the Zimmer Group together and have almost 900 employees. Around 100 currently join each year. Turnover: over €130 million a year. Growth: in double digits for several years.

The recipe for success has good ingredients: the product range of the Zimmer Group is far reaching. We promote synergies in manufacturing and sales. And we can always meet new challenges with our drive for innovation and expert knowledge. The next chapter of the success story: the owners establish the Zimmer Group umbrella brand to ensure future viability in the global marketplace.
The previous independent companies Zimmer GmbH Technische Werkstätten and Sommer-automatic GmbH merge to form Zimmer GmbH and, along with Zimmer GmbH Kunststofftechnik, Zimmer GmbH Daempfungssysteme, and a stake in Benz GmbH Werkzeugssysteme (a joint venture with Homag GmbH), will now be known as the Zimmer Group.

The Group ensures a comprehensive and transparent service for all components and solutions in all the individual technology areas. 

The Zimmer Group brand is now clearly positioned and unites technologies from handling, damping, linear, processing, tool, and machine tooling technologies under one roof. In any industry. From a single source. Worldwide. With subsidiaries and sales partners in 28 countries. America, Asia, Europe – the Zimmer Group is a global player.