Plastic components

Automated production in plastic injection molding

At ZIMMER, the series production of plastic components is fully automated, including the removal and storage of tools. This enables us to achieve maximum process optimization for all large production series, which is reflected in the results of our integrated quality control.


Semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as POM, PE, PP, PA, PBT, and PET, amorphous thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PS, SAN, and PEEK

Advantages of plastic injection molding at ZIMMER:

  • Series production of complex plastic components
  • Range of materials: all typical plastics including fiber and particle-reinforced plastics
  • Development and advice on process technology geometry optimization
  • Modification of hardness grades and coloration
  • Processing special blends to improve the chemical, mechanical, or thermal properties
  • Production of hybrid parts, for example by injection molding around insert parts
  • Installation, assembly, and functionality testing