MIM technology

Innovative process for manufacturing complex metal series components

MetalInjectionMolding -MIMcombines two familiar manufacturing technologies (injection molding technology and sintering technology).

The higher the complexity of a metal component is, the higher the cost of production will be. Metal injection molding transcends conventional boundaries and enables the cost-effective production of complex metal parts that would otherwise be impossible or require significant costs. This provides you with the same level of freedom for designing your workpieces that you have when using plastic injection molding, but at the same time you can take advantage of the strength and wear characteristics of metallic materials without any restrictions.

As a result, MIM technology offers you a host of appealing advantages:

  • Cost-effective series production of metallic workpieces
  • Entirely new level of freedom for part design
  • Combines the advantages of injection molding technology with the outstanding strength and wear characteristics of metals
  • Series production of smaller components with weights from 0.3 g to 150 g
  • Complex components with wall thicknesses from 0.2 mm
  • Small and large holes, inner and outer threading, cross holes, undercuts, and gear teeth
  • Full utilization of the strength properties of the material being used
  • Mechanical strength of workpieces equal to that achieved with conventional manufacturing processes
  • Surface treatment using frictional grinding, mirror polishing, sandblasting, passivation, electropolishing, or etching
  • Coating using burnishing or plating with chrome, copper, nickel, silver or gold
  • Avoids production costs and the use of expensive assembly and connection techniques
  • Significantly lower costs for complex components
  • 25% to 65% less expensive than conventional production processes
  • Applicable in a vast assortment of areas: Gearbox parts, watches, jewelry, eyeglass parts, surgical instruments, tweezers, dental braces, small and micro-sized parts for cell phones, computers, or other devices

It is used successfully in a range of fields:

  • The automotive industry
  • Moldmaking and mechanical engineering
  • Automation
  • The consumer goods industry
  • Fine mechanics


Process sequence


Complex geometry is no problem! Quick and flexible series production of your components with our moldmaking.

Injection molding

The automation of production processes is one of our core skills. We offer fully automated production of your complex components.

Debinding + sintering

The debinding and sintering process is aligned precisely to your component and material; this makes it possible to achieve maximum levels of component quality with mechanical properties which are comparable to those reached with solid materials.

Surface treatment

Whether in the form of hardening, surface treatment, or coating, we will finish your components to ensure they are ready to install. Get in touch with us.

Quality assurance

ISO certified 9001:2008