Machine tooling technology

From idea to high-end product.

Pioneering machinery designs are rarely based on existing standards – they originate instead from innovative ideas. System partners accept the challenge of translating these ideas into viable machine concepts. This is exactly what the Zimmer Group delivers: ingenious solutions and innovative refinements at the highest technical level, both for components and as individualized, complex systems. Describe your requirements to us and we will find the right solution. And that goes far beyond just engineering. As your partner, we accompany and support you throughout the entire process, from brainstorming to inspection of the final machine.



It is not without reason that multi-axis machining is considered theelite of machining processes. Its complexity requires a great deal of competence with the utilized technologies. But the results are worth theeffort: Even complex parts can be completed with extraordinary surfacequality, and with high dimensional and shape precision, with just oneclamping operation. This results in high efficiency thanks to the reductionof process steps and increased flexibility thanks to the elimination of the set-up times of conventional systems. In addition to standard systems, we also develop special solutions on a customer-specific basis. This means that systems suitable for virtually any desirable application are createdbased on your custom requirements.





The individual modules move with very high dynamics and precision on a defined travel path. This path implements the high-precision mechanical movement using a linear guide in conjunction with a gear rack drive. The transfer of bus signals or electrical energy takes place via hidden sliding contacts. Depending on the requirement profile one or more shuttles per transport order can move, either independently or with electronic coupling synchronously on a travel path of any length at speeds of 0 - 2ܳm/s and with a positioning accuracy of 0,05ܳmm. The maximum load of the individual modules is 100ܳkg. The continuous circulation of the modules on the travel path is achieved by a direction change using a high-performance converter.


Zimmer Group has developed a completely new and highly innovative category of automation components. In the case of the Modular Transport System, this is a modularly structured, fully connected and freely scalable system of transport units for a wide variety of application profi les in the area of automation and linked production.




Maximum repeatability and precision

►The Zimmer Group zero-point clamping system features a repeatability of 0.005 mm. Thanks to its very high clamping force and the consistent use of tempered tool steels, the system provides a high precision, torsion resistant base that also stabilizes fragile parts that tend to vibrate during processing.

►The zero-point clamping system eliminates errors during milling rotating wire or die eroding flat or cylindrical grinding drilling, lasering and measuring. The maintenance-free design also contributes to the superior process reliability


In order to best redirect the forces of the device to be clamped, the displayed arrangement of pins is recommended. This arrangement makes it possible to compensate for geometry errors that emerge from production tolerances or thermal expansion:

Confguration with one zero-point clamping system
The centering pin gets the position in all three directions of the Cartesian coordinatesystem X, Y and Z.
As a result it forms the zero-point for the device to be secured in place.

Confguration with two zero-point clamping system
The sword pin can compensate for a change in length in one direction while absorbing the forces in
the other two directions. It must be positioned so that is can support the moments applied around the
centering pin in the Z direction.

Confguration with four or more zero-point clamping system
The retention pin can only absorb forces in the Z direction. It compensates for changes in
length in the X,Y and Z direction.


►Patented locking piston

The housing parts are made of stainless steel – contact parts are hardened and thus wear-free

►Integrated rotation prevention as standard
A drive pin can be inserted into the clamping module to counteract torque in the direction of the plunger axis.

►Easy insertion of the clamping pins due to optimum, conical lead-in chamfers
Burring is prevented
The pin will be centered automatically even if positioned at a slant

►Integrated flat-surface cleaning for models with positioning check




►Short machine setup times as a result of a signifi cantly shortened changeover process
►An accelerated clamping procedure compared to traditional clamping methods
►Tool savings centering ringthermal insulation panel
►A more cost-effective solution than comparable competing systems
►The use of thermal insulation panels and aluminum tools is possible
►Low height of the changing device 30mm or 36mm with thermal insulation panels
►Existing tools can be retrofi tted easily
►Secure and precise change process and easy tool storage



In modern production processes factors like efficiency and flexibility are increasingly important.
This poses a neverending challenge to injection molding companies who want to fulfill an increasing number of requests for smaller batch sizes lower inventories and just-in-time deliveries.
Minimizing machine setup times and saving time in the retooling process are major factors in achieving flexible production processes, bringing greater productivity and valueto mature operations.


1. Motor spindles
As key components in machining centers, machine tools and end-of-arm applications, guarantee optimal value creation thanks to maximum precision, productivity, availability and a long service life. They are critical for the performance of the machine and the quality of machined pieces. Compact power packages with high power density and high-precision bearings are essential for achieving high speeds and excellent true-running characteristics. The Zimmer Group product line comprises both air and fluid-cooled motor spindles for wood, aluminum and plastics processing as well as fluid-cooled motor packages with high power density and high-precision bearings are essential for achieving high speeds and excellent true-running characteristics. The Zimmer Group product line comprises both air and fluid-cooled motor spindles for wood, aluminum and plastics processing as well as fluid-cooled motor

2. C-axes
For a high number of automation tasks, it is necessary to rotate a workpiece or tool in position. The requirements for C-axes are varied: The focus lies on fast, precise movement, uniform motion, high repeatability, precise end position damping and low maintenance requirements.

3. Tool
Tool interface on high-frequency spindles compatible with all conventional market standards, e.g. HSK F63, HSK C3 or Solidfix S3.