The production of consumer goods in areas with high wages can only be made profitable with a high degree of automation. Here, Zimmer Group's system solutions provide a crucial contribution to efficient production. Whether in the drink and food industry or the medicine and pharmaceutical industry, whether during packaging, palletizing or filling, you can package coffee capsules, handle yogurt cups or palletize chocolate cartons, for example, in cycles that last mere seconds on our hygienic, high-speed systems.
    Consumer goods


    Connection-ready system solutions reduce your design and project-management costs

    Developed specifically for your application

    100% tested!

    Incl. detailed documentation

    Our experience from executing more than 6000 system solutions ensures that you get the functionality you need without compromising cost security

    Ten-million maintenance-free cycles provide maximum system availability

    Optimized dimensioning of components reduces gripper weight, optimizes dimensioning of the robot itself, and thereby minimizes cycle times

    Implementation of additional functions like cameras, sensors, measurement sensors, and screw functions reduces your costs and optimizes your application

    Installation Size: Consumer goods
    ImageOrder-No.Technology areaWerkstück
    KOMP0337Handling technologyBottle
    KOMP2861Handling technologyCups
    KOMP2864Handling technologyCups
    KOMP4000Handling technologyPackaging
    KOMP5389-01Handling technologyFood
    KOMP5700Handling technologyParcel
    KOMP6432Handling technologyBottle
    KOMP6540-01Handling technologyFood
    KOMP7166-01Handling technologyWood
    SYSBSP010Handling technologyFood