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Series VEE9200



250 cycles per minute

If speed is the key, nothing beats this unit. This lets you increase your component output and lower your unit costs,

Saving energy with pulse control

You only have to supply current briefly when retracting and extending the plunger. No energy is required at the end positions

Plug and play

Reduce your design and programming effort to a minimum with the integrated control system and the 2-position query

Product request

Technical Data

Permissible unevenness of mounting surface <0.02 [mm]
Fixing for separator / Tigthening torque M3 / 1.5
Replacement accuracy <0,2 [mm]
Stroke 20 [mm]
Force in extend 8 [N]
Force in retract 8 [N]
Permanent operation cycle count max. 200 [cycle/min]
Cycle count max. 250 [cycle/min]
Operating time <30 [ms]
Repetition accuracy +/- 0.1 [mm]
Weight of tappet extension, max. 20 [g]
Fixing for extension piece / Tigthening torque M3 / 1.5 [Nm]
Pulse time in extend 35 [ms]
Pulse time in retract 35 [ms]
Debounce time 10 [ms]
Current consumption per pulse max. 5 [A]
Current consumption in a stand-by mode 0.02 [A]
Protection to IEC 60529 IP40
Noise level <70 [db(A)]
Operating temperature min. 10 [°C]
Operating temperature max. +50 [°C]
Weight 0.30 [kg]
Operating temperature 10 ... +50 [°C]

Benefits in Detail


Energy supply

standardized interface M12 round connector


via Pot magnet and coil bobbin according to the coil system principle

energy consumption only at impulse <25 ms

Position sensing

integrated Hallsensor

2 positions monitorable

Status control

optical LED position display

Tapped rod

Aluminium hardcoated

Mounting and positioning

mounting possible from several sides for versatile positioning

Robust, lightweight housing

Hard-coated aluminum alloy


individual seperator finger mounting