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Industrial shock absorbers



Highest quality for the most extreme requirements and loads

High power consumption thanks to maximum utilization in each piston position

Low-vibration and precise braking due to the constantly narrowing spiral groove

Less wear thanks to the hydrostatic piston guide

Longer service life and high operating safety thanks to the oil reserve

Suitability for use in a pressure chamber up to 10 bar (only applies to the high energy variant)

Product request

Technical Data

Version with steel head
Maximum energy absorption per stroke in continuous operation 1.5 J
Maximum energy absorption per hour in continuous operation 5000 JH
Maximum energy absorption per stroke in case of emergency stop 1.5 J
Impact velocity min. 0.8 [m/s]
Impact velocity max. 2.2 [m/s]
Length L 51 [mm]
Return force min. 1 [N]
Return force max. 3 [N]
Weight 14 [g]
Stroke 5 [mm]
Max. piston return time 0.15 [s]

Benefits in Detail