Technologies/components and systems

What can the Zimmer Group offer you? Over 30 years' experience for a start. Not to mention the drive to continuously improve technologies and components and develop innovations. And, of course, consistent customer focus at every level. In any industry. Anywhere in the world. Find out more.

  • Series KG

    Series KG

    • All side articulated connection with lockable position
    • High moment capacity
    Series KG
  • Ball Joints
    Series KG


    Lockable displacement position

    Be flexible in your application, customise the handling to your workpiece and lock the displacement position with process reliability

    Large locating flange

    The large mounting surface simplifies your design and allows secure attachment of add-on components

    Steel design

    The highest force and torque measurement enables flexible for maximum dynamics

    Installation Size: KG40
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG4030 [°]Aluminium hard anodized18 [Nm]
    Installation Size: KG40ST
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG40ST30 [°]Steel18 [Nm]
    Installation Size: KG60
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG6030 [°]Aluminium hard anodized55 [Nm]
    Installation Size: KG60ST
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG60ST30 [°]Steel55 [Nm]
    Installation Size: KG80
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG8030 [°]Aluminium hard anodized124 [Nm]
    Installation Size: KG80ST
    Order-No.Swivel angleMaterialMx
    KG80ST30 [°]Steel124 [Nm]