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  • 2-jaw parallel rotary grippers

    Series DGP400 - 2-Jaw Parallel Rotary Grippers

    • Rotation angle 90° or 180° individually adjustable
    • Double acting pneumatic cylinder
    2-jaw parallel rotary grippers
  • 2-jaw angular gripper

    Series DGK - 2-Jaw Angular Rotary Grippers

    • Magnetic field sensors for sensing of the piston position
    • Double acting pneumatic cylinder
    2-jaw angular gripper
  • 2-Jaw Angular Rotary Grippers
    Series DGK


    "TWO in ONE"

    Smooth stroke configuration

    You can adjust the 180° opening angle to be unique to your application using an adjusting screw

    2 in 1

    Gripping and swivelling in a module allows optimum utilisation of the installation space

    Individually adjustable

    How you stay flexible: 90° or 180° swivel angle - You decide what your application requires on site

    Installation Size: DGK20
    Order-No.Gripping force in closingStroke per jawTorque
    DGK20N150 [N]90 [°]0.5 [Nm]

    Stroke adjustment screw

    Infinitely adjustable opening stroke

    Gripper jaw

    individual gripper finger mounting

    Guided toggle lever mechanism

    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws

    mechanically self-locking

    Endposition 0/90/180° adjustment

    endstops for 0°/90°/180° included with purchase

    Rotating-drive mechanism

    robust, wear-resistant


    two double-acting pneumatic cylinders

    Slot for magnetic field sensor

    sensing of the rotational position and gripper jaw position