Technologies/components and systems

What can the Zimmer Group offer you? Over 30 years' experience for a start. Not to mention the drive to continuously improve technologies and components and develop innovations. And, of course, consistent customer focus at every level. In any industry. Anywhere in the world. Find out more.

  • Linear cylinders

    Linear Cylinders

    • Maximum drive force in the extended and retract movement of 950N
    Linear cylinders
  • Linear rail slide

    Linear Rail Slides

    • Maximum drive force in the extended and retract movement of 750 N
    Linear rail slide
  • Lifting cylinders

    Lifting Cylinders

    • Recommended at 10 mil. cycles
    • Maximum drive force in the extended and retract movement of 720 N
    Lifting cylinders
  • LS series

    Series LS

    • Profile rail guide with recirculating ball and wiper
    • Mounting flange for direct connection of customer specific application or another linear slide from the same series
    LS series
  • LSF series

    Series LSF

    • Dual linear guidance for high forces and moments capacity
    • Robust, lightweight and extremely flat structure housing
    LSF series
  • LSX series

    Series LSX

    • Hydraulic shock absorbers for adjustable end position damping
    • Dual profile rail guide with recirulating ball and wiper
    LSX series
  • Linear Rail Slides
    Series LSX


    Precise double rail profile guide

    The linear guide with ball bearing circulation and scrapers provides high precision and rigidity

    Dampened end position

    By using PowerStop shock absorbers, you can gently move up to the end positions, increasing the process reliability and durability of your application

    Failure-free continuous operation

    Our uncompromising "Made in Germany" quality guarantees up to 10 million maintenance-free cycles

    Installation Size: LSX25-50
    Order-No.StrokePressure force max.Retraction force
    LSX25-5050 [mm]265 [N]220 [N]
    Installation Size: LSX25-100
    Order-No.StrokePressure force max.Retraction force
    LSX25-100100 [mm]265 [N]220 [N]
    Installation Size: LSX25-200
    Order-No.StrokePressure force max.Retraction force
    LSX25-200200 [mm]265 [N]220 [N]
    Installation Size: LSX40-100
    Order-No.StrokePressure force max.Retraction force
    LSX40-100100 [mm]750 [N]680 [N]
    Installation Size: LSX40-200
    Order-No.StrokePressure force max.Retraction force
    LSX40-200200 [mm]750 [N]680 [N]

    Linear guide with recirculating ball and wiper

    two way linear guide for forces and moments capacity

    Patented, hydraulic shock absorber

    adjustable end position damping

    included in scope of delivery

    Mounting and positioning

    mounting possible from several sides for versatile positioning

    Energy supply

    possible from several sides

    Mounting groove for magnetic field sensor

    integrated, space saving position sensing

    Robust, lightweight housing

    Hard-coated aluminum alloy


    double-acting pneumatic cylinder

    Intake flange

    quick and cost-effective positioning of adapter plates: Accessory, Art. No. AP...G and AP...V