Technologies/components and systems

What can the Zimmer Group offer you? Over 30 years' experience for a start. Not to mention the drive to continuously improve technologies and components and develop innovations. And, of course, consistent customer focus at every level. In any industry. Anywhere in the world. Find out more.

  • Tool changer

    Tool Changers

    • Tool changers for handling weights up to 1000 Kg
    • Versatile energy elements available as accessory
    Tool changer
  • Rotary distributor

    Rotary Distributors

    • Partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1
    • Equipped with electric and pneumatic feedthrough
    Rotary distributor
  • Axis compensation modules

    Axis Compensation Modules

    • Compensation of position errors
    • Partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1
    Axis compensation modules
  • Collision protection

    Crash Protection

    • Protection for robots and handling systems from damages caused by collision or overload
    • The operating pressure regulates the contact sensitivity
    Collision protection
  • Energy Elements

    Energy elements

    • standardised and packaged
    • short set up time for maintenance work
    • custom-specifically modifiable
    Energy Elements
  • Angle flange
    Angle flange