Technologies/components and systems

What can the Zimmer Group offer you? Over 30 years' experience for a start. Not to mention the drive to continuously improve technologies and components and develop innovations. And, of course, consistent customer focus at every level. In any industry. Anywhere in the world. Find out more.

  • 2-jaw parallel grippers

    2-Jaw Parallel Grippers

    • Stroke per jaw from 2 mm ... 6 mm
    • Gripping forces up to 280 N
    2-jaw parallel grippers
  • 2-jaw parallel grippers with long stroke

    2-Jaw Parallel Grippers with Long Stroke

    • Position and speed adjustment possible
    • Stroke per jaw up to 80 mm
    • Gripping forces up to 2000 N
    2-jaw parallel grippers with long stroke
  • 3-jaw concentric grippers

    3-Jaw Concentric Grippers

    • Stroke per jaw from 2 mm ... 6 mm
    • Gripping forces up to 350 N
    3-jaw concentric grippers
  • Grippers for special tasks

    Grippers for Specific Tasks

    • Special gripper for the most different application areas
    Grippers for special tasks
  • Series GEH6000IL

    Series GEH6000IL

    • Mechanically self locking in case of power drop
    • IO-Link on board
    Series GEH6000IL
  • Series GEH8000

    Series GEH8000

    • Ideal for the highest transverse forces and moments capacity
    • Data interface for standard market systems such as Profi bus, Sercos, CANopen, DeviceNet and parallel interface
    Series GEH8000
  • 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers with Long Stroke
    Series GEH8000


    "The strong"

    High gripping force

    Using the high gripping force, you can safely handle even the heaviest workpieces

    Servo drive

    Position, speed and force control in combination with a mechanical self locking mechanism guarantee the highest functionality


    How you stay flexible: PROFIBUS, SERCOS III, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP or EtherCat - You decide what harmonises best with your system

    Installation Size: GEH8660
    Order-No.Stroke per jawRetention force min.Max. retention force (at 100% opening usage)
    GEH866060 [mm]200 [N]3200 [N]

    Energy supply

    Removable centering sleeves

    quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers


    AC servo motor

    Gripper jaw

    hardened steel

    individual gripper finger mounting

    Precise linear guide

    high forces and moments capacity

    guide wagon with wiper for harsh environments

    Mounting and positioning

    Robust, lightweight housing

    Hard-coated aluminum alloy


    via rack and pinion