Damping technology

Innovations. We have been significantly advancing the development and mass production of standard components and damping systems for over ten years. We set standards not only in the furniture industry. Other sectors also value the damping solutions we provide. When can we solve your damping problems? The Know-how Factory produces pneumatic and hydraulic dampers of the highest quality.

Industrial damping technology. The Zimmer Group is the right partner for motion control in the industrial sector. Here, our innovative damping technology with its patented spiral groove technology ensures that kinetic energy is absorbed in the production process in a targeted manner and wear is kept to a minimum.

Soft close damping technology. Open and close. Time and again. Doors, drawers – everything that can be opened and closed and is subjected to long-term loads lasts longer with ingenious damping technology. Much longer. The Zimmer Group develops and manufactures components and systems for you. Both pneumatic and hydraulic dampers are customer specific.

System partner. The Zimmer Group is one of the leading development partners in the furniture industry and is an unrivaled system partner for damping systems and self-closing mechanisms. Our customers include all of the major fittings and furniture manufacturers.

What we offer


Components: Industrial damping technology and soft close systems:

Special solutions and systems:

  • Soft close, complete systems (with self-closing)
  • Customer-specific solutions for industrial and soft close damping technology
  • Complete "all in one" processing
  • Assembly systems
  • Module assembly