Industrial damping technology

Use of shock absorbers

Machines carry out increasingly complex tasks today. The systems are also pushed to their limits in order to increase productivity and profitability. For the machinery this means that, in addition to the number of moving parts, their velocities and thus their kinetic energy also increase. However, in order to avoid collisions, high impact forces and strong vibrations, which could lead to damage and consequently to the reduction of the service life, the surplus energy must be removed from the system. The solution lies in the use of energy dissipation, in the context of which kinetic energy is transformed into thermal energy (heat) through friction, which is better known under the term damping.
In order to reduce wear and increase the effectiveness of a machine during a process, friction is reduced to a minimum with the help of tribological (friction technology) knowledge. Energy and raw material resources can in this way be saved in the course of cost reduction and environmental protection. However, this has the consequence that special components, such as the products of the Zimmer Group from the Industrial Damping Technology division, are required to remove kinetic energy in a targeted fashion at those points and in those situations at which damage could be caused. In the case of shock absorption, this serves to brake and stop moving masses prior to end stops.

The shock absorbers of the Zimmer Group thus present the following advantages for your machinery and systems:

  • Increased service life of the machinery through reduction of damaging force peaks and fluctuations, which reduces failure times and maintenance costs and increases the operational velocities of the machine
  • Increased safety for collisions and stops caused by emergencies
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of the machinery
  • Reduction of noise levels by reducing noise emissions in production

The integration of the shock absorbers results in safer operation due to a reduction of loads with a simultaneous increase in machinery utilization. Dynamics and velocities can be controlled with the help of the shock absorbers.



Shock absorbers selection guide

  • Calculate and select shock absorbers more quickly
    Users receive a high-performance tool that allows them to make well-founded selection decisions quickly and combines calculation, selection guide and configurator functions in one tool.

  • Convenient calculation delivers fast results

    A choice between a large number of different load cases appropriate to the case can be selected very easily.

  • Clearly arranged selection guide

    The available dampers that meet these specifications are shown to the user in an overview table.
    The energy absorption for each damper is individually calculated in the table and its load is displayed.

  • Advanced search using a filter

    Using filters, additional marginal conditions can be entered. These include especially high or low temperatures, use in the pressure chamber, contaminated environments or large angles for the impact of the load. The software returns suitable versions and necessary accessories or equipment options based on the selected filter.

  • Appealing solution, available as a mobile application
    Since the calculation program is available online, customers do not have to install any software and can access it using any computer or laptop, as well as with any smartphone or tablet.


Shock absorbers selection guide

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