Our system solutions have been used by all major automobile manufacturers for decades. First and foremost, our portfolio includes gripper and Handling Technology for all areas of the power train, including camshafts and crankshafts, cylinder blocks and heads, gear and chassis parts, as well as tires, wheels and rims. Zimmer System Technology also offers solutions for the production of electric vehicles, such as for handling and assembly tasks in the fully-automatic production of battery cells and battery packs. 


    Connection-ready system solutions reduce your design and project-management costs

    Developed specifically for your application

    100% tested!

    Incl. detailed documentation

    Our experience from executing more than 6000 system solutions ensures that you get the functionality you need without compromising cost security

    Ten-million maintenance-free cycles provide maximum system availability

    Optimized dimensioning of components reduces gripper weight, optimizes dimensioning of the robot itself, and thereby minimizes cycle times

    Implementation of additional functions like cameras, sensors, measurement sensors, and screw functions reduces your costs and optimizes your application

    Installation Size: Automotive
    ImageOrder-No.Technology areaWerkstück
    KOMP0148Handling technologyAxle
    KOMP0708Handling technologyCast Part
    KOMP1120Handling technologyCylinder Head
    KOMP4046Handling technologyGetriebeteil
    KOMP4349Handling technologySteering Knuckle
    KOMP4835Handling technologyCrankcase
    KOMP4893Handling technologyCrankcase
    KOMP5011Handling technologyCrankcase
    KOMP5385Handling technologyDifferential Housing
    KOMP5449Handling technologyConrod
    KOMP5635Handling technologyConrod
    KOMP5707Handling technologyCylinder Head
    KOMP5719Handling technologyCylinder Head
    KOMP6030Handling technologyCrankshaft
    KOMP6230-03Handling technologyCylinder Head
    KOMP6447-01Handling technologyRim
    KOMP6471-01Handling technologyCrankcase
    KOMP6750-02Handling technologyRim
    KOMP6916-02Handling technologyConrod
    KOMP6940-01Handling technologyCrankcase
    KOMP6940-03Handling technologyHousing
    KOMP6941-02Handling technologyCrankshaft
    KOMP7083-02Handling technologyCrankshaft
    KOMP7441-01Handling technologyCylinder Head
    SYSBSP001Handling technologyRim
    SYSBSP003Handling technologyCross Member