The tooling machine trend is also going in the direction of increasing automation. We offer you space-saving automation solutions on robots, machines or directly in the work area. Featuring, of course, components that are perfectly sealed against chips and cooling lubricants. You receive automation solutions from Zimmer Group that integrate seamlessly into your existing machines and systems and deliver strong performance – even under difficult working conditions.
    Tool machines


    Connection-ready system solutions reduce your design and project-management costs

    Developed specifically for your application

    100% tested!

    Incl. detailed documentation

    Our experience from executing more than 6000 system solutions ensures that you get the functionality you need without compromising cost security

    Ten-million maintenance-free cycles provide maximum system availability

    Optimized dimensioning of components reduces gripper weight, optimizes dimensioning of the robot itself, and thereby minimizes cycle times

    Implementation of additional functions like cameras, sensors, measurement sensors, and screw functions reduces your costs and optimizes your application

    Installation Size: Tool machines
    ImageOrder-No.Technology areaWerkstück
    KOMP0273Handling technologyTurned Part
    KOMP1433Handling technologyOthers
    KOMP2596Handling technologyTrain Wheel
    KOMP3056Handling technologyRohr- & Wellenteil
    KOMP5022Handling technologySteel Shaft
    KOMP5023Handling technologySteel Shaft
    KOMP5519Handling technologyTurned Part
    KOMP6236-01Handling technologyRohr- & Wellenteil
    KOMP6438-01Handling technologyGear
    KOMP7170-01Handling technologyCast Part
    KOMP7542-01Handling technologyAxle
    SYSBSP007Handling technologyOthers
    SYSBSP008Handling technologySteel Shaft
    SYSBSP009Handling technologyOthers