Zimmer Group Modular Transport System

May 29, 2017 12:00:00 AM 

At the Ligna in Hanover, the Zimmer Group presents a completely new and highly innovative category of automation components. The Modular Transport System is a modular, fully networked and scalable system of transport units for a wide range of requirements in automation and linked production.

Maximum productivity and flexibility

The individual modules move with very high dynamics and precision on a defined travel path which realizes the high-precision mechanical movement through a linear guide in combination with a rack and pinion drive and the transmission of bus signals or electrical energy via a concealed sliding contact transmission. Depending on the requirement profile, one or more shuttles can be autarkically or electronically coupled, synchronously on any length of travel with speeds of 0-2m/s and a positioning accuracy of 0.05mm. The maximum payload of the individual modules is 100kg. The continuous circulation and the modules on the track are achieved with a change of direction of travel through high-performance converters.