Technologies/components and systems

What can the Zimmer Group offer you? Over 30 years' experience for a start. Not to mention the drive to continuously improve technologies and components and develop innovations. And, of course, consistent customer focus at every level. In any industry. Anywhere in the world. Find out more.

  • Suction cups

    Suction Cups

    • Universal applicable suction cups for a wide range of requirements
    • Available in different materials
    Suction cups
  • Adapters


    • For the connection of suction cups to the customer-specific application
    • Various designs available
  • Adapters + Compensation modules

    Adapters + Compensation Modules

    • To compensate height differences and slope surfaces
    • Various designs available
    Adapters + Compensation modules
  • Compensation modules
    Compensation modules
  • Vacuum generator

    Vacuum Generators

    • Basic ejectors, Multi-stage ejectors and Compact ejectors available
    • Low weight, quick build-up of the vacuum
    Vacuum generator
  • Query

    Sensing Units

    • For the safe operation of the vacuum system
    • Mechanical and electrical sensing units available
  • Handling components
    Handling components
  • MCS modular construction system

    MCS Modular Construction System

    • Modular Construction System
    • Components for the design of an individual gripper system
    • Profiles, Connections, Clamps, Suction cups
    MCS modular construction system
  • Accessories


    • Accessories for the vacuum programm